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Hotel and Resort movement towards modern Synthetic Grass

In today's economy using capitol wisely is more important than ever. Many new hotels and resorts around the world are making the decision to install synthetic grass rather than natural sod. They are making this decision because annual maintenance cost on artificial grass is far lower than natural. They also benefit from the turf's year round luscious green clean cut appearance. Constant foot traffic from guests does not damage the surface unlike natural grass. This leads to increased revenue due to the fact that events can be booked one after another without fears of guest getting covered in mud,  moister, or debris. The surface will  look as beautiful for its 1000th consecutive event as it did for its first. With real grass if it rains the surface either can not be used safely or it is destroyed in the process of being used costing resort owners valuable money to make the grass ready for another paying event.

Artificial grass has a higher cost per foot than natural but pays for itself rather quickly when used in a hotel or resort venue. Synthetic grass pays for itself by eliminating your maintenance costs. No more fuel/oil cost or emissions. Never needs water so it dramatically decreases water consumption and billing. This is the main reason synthetic turf is being used at nearly every new resort and hotel construction in Los Vegas NV as well as Dubai UAE where water is extremely precious and costly. Synthetic grass also never needs to be treated with expensive chemicals or pesticides that can harm small children and pets.  Artificial grass will not harbor mosquitoes, ants, or any other pest that will bother paying guests. No matter how you slice it artificial grass is the clear winner for any commercial application. 

In addition to being highly cost effective, synthetic grass adds an amazing level of curb appeal to any property. Customers are drawn to the perfectly trimmed clean vibrant appearance that only a concerned establishment owner would want to maintain. More importantly synthetic grass adds legitimate value to your property making it a sound financial investment as the cost is translated directly into equity in your property. Using artificial grass in many states also qualifies you for large Green Eco tax credits (intended to promote ecologically sustainable activities) saving you hundreds if not thousands a year in taxes depending on the size of your installation.

National Greens is the national leader in synthetic grass design and installation for hotels and resorts. We can address any specific concerns you might have regarding your property and make sure that your investment is used wisely to maximize the revenue seen from the artificial grass areas of your resort or hotel. We have designers specifically trained in commercial applications to insure your design meets civil building codes in your area.  National Greens takes great pride in the work we do because it is our passion. Our reward is always the look on a clients face when they see their project come to life and thier clients enjoying the new surface. Contact us for further information or estimates on how National Greens can modernize your hotel or resort with synthetic grass today.

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