Forest Park Elementary Artificial Grass Play Area Realized By: National Greens

Forest Park Elementary Artificial Grass Play Area Realized

By: National Greens

National Greens synthetic grass recently completed an artificial grass installation at Forest Park Elementary in Little Rock Arkansas. This project was planned to correct an area of grass shaded by trees through the year that never survived either due to the constant shade or the children’s foot traffic. The new play grass area is located at the end of the basketball courts at the entrance to the playground. Students now have a wonderful place to congregate without the fear of getting dirty or having allergies to natural sod. The surface also adds safety for the students playing basketball as the artificial grass is more impact safe and offers better grip than natural grass when a child runs past the court to catch a ball or around the steel hoop poles.

A natural grass area that once needed constant maintenance and lost use during times of heavy rain can now be used immediately after the storm. The surface never needs watering, pesticides, trimming, or re-sodding. This saves Forest Park Elementary and the Little Rock School District money every day. The annual savings of artificial turf alone helps to pay for the installation itself. Artificial grass projects “payback period” always depend on their individual size and details.

The Forest Park artificial turf installation was a very special project as it was funded by the school’s PTA organization. The majority of schools that install artificial turf are private institutions. However, Forest Park is a public school so the PTA had to work intensely with parents and teachers to raise the money needed to install the new synthetic grass play area. They did this because they knew the benefits the turf would offer not just their children but generations of students after them, as well as the school itself. We greatly applaud their work to make the new project become a reality, and it certainly did not occur over night.

Most schools both public and private can greatly benefit from the use of artificial grass. National Greens would love the opportunity to talk to you about how we can help make your school safer and more efficient. Artificial grass can often solve severe construction and drainage issues on school properties. Contact us anytime with any questions or a free artificial turf quote for your school or other property.

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West Little Rock CrossFit Facility Upgrades to Artificial Turf from National Greens

West Little Rock CrossFit Facility Upgrades to Artificial Turf

By: National Greens

National Greens recently had the amazing opportunity to work with the West Little Rock CrossFit facility in producing Arkansas’ first CrossFit artificial turf workout areas. The benefits of artificial turf were used to create safe and comfortable venues for working new exercise routines including weight sled push and pull as well as floor routines. Three rope and ring fall pads were also created using artificial turf and multiple layers of fall safety padding. These pads now give the rope and ring workout areas a certified 12’ fall safety, drastically increasing the safety for individuals utilizing this equipment. The installation took two days and has added an entirely new facet to this CrossFits’ workout routines, as well as a fresh new look inside the facility itself.