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Arkansas Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Lawn & Landscape

Arkansas National Greens provides the perfect solution to Arkansas's harsh and often extreme climate. High or low moister/sunlight areas found near Fayetteville and Hot Springs often make Inhospitable enviro- nments for grass to thrive. Using synthetic grass in these areas allows your home or business to look beautiful no matter the climate, weather, or ground conditions. This can be essentials in extremely wet and humid areas like Pine Bluff and Texarkana.

Synthetic grass and great landscaping go hand in hand. The perfectly trimmed appearance of the grass is year round and always greatly accentuates the landscaping it accompanies. The fibers of the turf are created using multiple colors and fiber types pulled from real live grass so it looks and feels real. Our large catalogue of turf styles and colors has solutions for any landscaping project. Our grass can be installed anywhere on any surface indoors or out.

Our uses for synthetic grass can range from simple clean lawn replacement to extraordinary outdoor and indoor environments including custom waterfalls, stonework, walkways, gardens, and much more. All designed to fit your individual desires as well as your budget.

Synthetic Golf Enviornments

Arkansas National Greens is highly specialized in the installation of both sand filled and non/sand filled polypropylene artificial turfs. Our synthetic putting greens are endorsed by several PGA professionals and have the same playing characteristics of a country club green. You can have an artificial putting green as simple as an indoor short game or as complex as a multiple putting green golfers paradise with sand traps, chipping areas, and beautiful landscaped surroundings. We offer a large variety of synthetic golf surface options to provide the perfect back yard golfing environment just for you.

Arkansas National Greens customizes each putting green we install to work around the clients existing landscape. Safety, performance, and visual appeal is key in every golf environment design. We offer several custom flag and chipping pad options for each clients particular project. Putting greens can be designed with single holes or multiple for additional practice angles and approach shots.

Arkansas National Greens offers a multitude of design features including sand traps, water hazards, custom lighting and many other amenities to excite your game of golf. We create professional tour quality synthetic putting greens that have true ball roll, at tour speeds, hold chips, pitches, and full shots like natural professional putting greens.

Synthetic Playgrounds

Modern Arkansas playgrounds require modern equipment, surroundings and accommodations. Our synthetic playgrounds are built to very high standards and safety is priority one in every design. Even long, luscious real grass conceals a hard layer of earth and stone beneath. To fall on this kind of ground is rather painful; in the worst case, it can cause serious injury. Synthetic playground grass offers a graded surface with a thick foam cushion that is hidden beneath its surface. Then its long fibers are filled with small shock absorbing rubber pellets that provide a soft pillow like cushion when falling. Our synthetic playground turf can be installed with new or preexisting equipment. We can also supply the equipment needed for any playground. Artificial grass provides a far supe- rior protective ground surface for outdoor play areas, particularly areas with climbing frames and raised play equipment. Tougher than real grass, safer than real grass.



Synthetic Athletic Fields

Arkansas National Greens artificial turf can withstand significantly more use than natural grass and can therefore be used much more frequently. This allows teams to practice and play more frequently as well as sports ground owners to generate more income from their facilities. Indoor synthetic field turf installations allow for year round practice and play on a surface matched to your outdoor competition surface. This gives your team a true home playing advantage. Our artificial field turf plays, looks, and wears better than natural grass. All while costing you dramatically less money to maintain than natural grass.

From pee wee to professional Arkansas National Greens can design and install the perfect athletic field for your teams needs as well as your budget. You can also bring your field to life with our custom logo and field lettering service.

The technology of artificial sports surfaces has grown dramatically in recent years. Our turf is specifically engineered to improve player performance while also improving safety at the same time. Every surface is finely tuned to provide the client with the playing characteristics they prefer.

Pets & Synthetic Grass

Arkansas National Greens designs clean, low maintenance, dog runs that look great year round no matter how many dogs or any other pet occupy the space. Never worry about bald spots again. Synthetic grass can be quickly cleaned with any hose. Properly installed artif- icial turf also resists pets digging into its surface. Great for the home or the office. This is great for pet owners in the Little Rock metropolitan area.

Do It Yourself

If you want to build it yourself, at Arkansas National Greensdo it yourself synthetic grass” program may be the way for you. We have developed an original "Do It Yourself" approach on how to build a synthetic grass environment of your very own.  We have had evaluated its effectiveness and shown proven results that have withstood the test of time.  If you're looking for tips & instructions on how to build commercial or home synthetic grass environments, you've come to the right place! Arkansas National Greens can supply everything you need to create your own one of a kind custom home artificial grass environment. We’ll provide you step by step custom material lists and estimations, drawings, and instructions.  With your hard work and our experience behind you, home owners and landscapers alike can easily succeed in the installation of artificial putting greens, playgrounds, play areas, and lawns. Save thousand on an installation by supplying your own labor to do the work. Contact us today for more details on the Do It Yourself program.