If you are seeking the most advanced training aid for your golf game a backyard putting green will shave the strokes from your game within weeks. Synthetic putting greens are a necessity for tomorrow’s PGA masters. Iartificialgrass.com offers a multitude of design features including sand traps, water hazards, custom lighting and many other amenities to excite your game of golf. We create professional tour quality greens that have true ball roll, at tour speeds, hold chips, pitches, and full shots like natural professional greens.

Owning a realistic putting green greatly improves your short game and eliminates costly strokes as you approach the green in competitive play. We offer several custom flag and chipping pad options for each client’s particular project. Greens can be designed with single holes or multiple for additional practice angles and approach shots.National Greens can provide you with all this in a professional, economical, and timely manner.