Become a Dealer

Become a Dealer

National Greens Certified Dealers provide a unique service to customers, while expanding their current business operations.

The artificial grass industry was worth $3.2 billion in 2017 and will grow to $4.45 billion by 2022, according to a MarketsandMarkets Industry Report. A 2015 NASA study found that lawns are the most irrigated “crop” in the USA (more than any edible vegetable), which contributes to water shortages, water contamination due to fertilizers, and greenhouse gas emissions from lawnmowers.

There has never been a better time for related businesses (landscaping, construction, etc.) to add artificial turf to their lists of services. National Greens can be your partner in one of the fastest growing sectors of outdoor construction in the United States. It’s not just lawns that are driving the synthetic turf market. Multi-use sport fields on both amateur and professional levels are replacing natural grass fields with synthetic turf everyday due to the obvious benefits and cost savings.

National Greens partners with existing businesses and eager entrepreneurs to address this growing market need. Synthetic turf is a great addition to your landscaping, construction, or other related business. Many entrepreneurs focus solely on synthetic turf with great success. We provide training, long term support, and leads through our tried-and-true marketing strategy.

National Greens Certified Dealers have a track record of success. We have developed a business model that generates leads in all 50 states and provides your company new clients. But our partnership doesn’t stop there. National Greens provides our partners market research, ongoing training, and support so you can build your business with the same successful model.

Strong Branding. The National Greens name is the biggest advantage of becoming a certified dealer. Your existing company or new business simply adds the National Greens name to your list of services – a name that is known for its world-class customer service and design capabilities. Our certified dealers are provided marketing material and models to promote and expand their businesses.

Training Programs. National Greens has training programs that show you proven methods to run your synthetic turf business as we have done for over 15 years. We train our certified dealers not only on the business side, but also on installations and maintenance. National Greens provides certified dealers a wealth of reference materials to assist in dealing with every facet of the synthetic turf industry.

Ongoing Operational Support. National Greens is only as successful as our certified dealers. We are dedicated to providing ongoing assistance to all of our partners to maximize success and profits. You’re never alone when building and running your synthetic turf business. We’re always a phone call or email away. Our team has watched this industry evolve and expand over the last two decades, and is always eager to hear new ideas from our partners.

Marketing Assistance. National Greens provide our certified dealers with proven tools and strategies for attracting and converting leads. We help you develop marketing plans specific to your region. Our team also assists with budgeting not only for the commencement of partnerships, but also ongoing efforts to market your business effectively.

Construction Assistance. National Greens provides assistance in designing the layout of your business and selecting the right contractors to do your build-out. We ensure our partners have the right equipment and knowledge needed to maximize efficiency and returns on initial investment.

Supply Chain. National Greens has built strong relationships with suppliers over the years and thus gets some of the best prices possible on materials. This means higher profit margins for our certified dealers. We have suppliers for everything related to the business, which removes a lot of guesswork so you can focus on other aspects of your company.

Promoting Environmental Health. National Greens understands the effects of climate change and we do our part to preserve the natural beauty of our planet. The environmental, ecological, and economic benefits of synthetic grass sell the product, particularly to a public that is increasingly concerned with climate change. Synthetic turf conserves billions of gallons of water annually in the USA, eliminates the need for pesticides, and thus prevents groundwater contamination. National Greens has empowered countless individuals as well as businesses to reduce their own carbon footprints.

Risk Avoidance. National Greens has over 15 years of experience in the synthetic turf industry. Becoming a certified dealer means you start your own artificial turf business with a model we’ve developed over the years. Virtually all the risk is eliminated as we’ve learned and grown from our mistakes so you don’t have to. National Greens Certified Dealers are being handed a business model that sell itself and essentially works on auto-pilot. We save you from going through the perils National Greens and all other synthetic turf companies have faced in their formation.

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