What are the advantages of choosing National Greens synthetic grass and turf?

National Greens offers the best synthetic grass products available. We offer financing and flexible payment plans for our installers, and can often finance customers’ projects through John Deere Credit. We keep our materials in stock material and provide fast, affordable shipping. All of our installers are all provided with proper on-the-job training and technical support as needed.

What kind of testing has National Greens synthetic grass undergone?

Each of the components used to produce National Greens synthetic grasses have undergone extensive testing, including UV stability and wear-and-tear resistance testing. The fibers we use are proven to be durable over time, with more than 800 million square feet having been installed on sports fields worldwide in the past 35 years. Our synthetic grass products have undergone lead testing and our infill materials have undergone heat and temperature testing and g-max rating (impact) tests.

Does National Greens synthetic grass come with a warranty?

Yes, National Greens synthetic grass comes with a standard 8-year limited warranty to cover fading and faulty workmanship. The product has a life expectancy of 20 years depending on usage and weather conditions.

Will long-term exposure to direct sunlight cause National Greens synthetic turf to fade?

No. National Greens’ synthetic fibers resist the damaging effects of sun and extreme weather.

What is the composition of National Greens’ lawns and turfs?

National Greens synthetic grasses are made from polyethylene and nylon yarns. We use latex and polyurethane for the adhesive backings.

Who buys National Greens synthetic turf?

Our clients are homeowners, landscape contractors, home builders and developers, and business owners. Our turfs are available for sale and installation directly through National Greens, and also through our nationwide network of dealers.

Can synthetic turf add value to my home or business?

Yes. Synthetic turf is attractive and low maintenance, with no requirements for ongoing maintenance or irrigation. These cost savings result in a direct increase in the property’s value.

Is National Greens synthetic grass similar to patio carpet?

No. Patio carpet is a first generation synthetic grass product, whereas National Greens synthetic grass products are so realistic that they are difficult to distinguish from natural grass. National Greens’ synthetic grass fibers are manufactured with an advanced blend polypropylene, unlike first generation patio carpet. Our synthetic grass is durable yet soft enough to offer a realistic look and feel comparable to natural grass.

How much does National Greens synthetic grass cost?

National Greens synthetic turf is priced by the square foot, and installation costs vary by region. By eliminating ongoing maintenance and irrigation costs, synthetic turf installations pay for themselves in usually three years or less.

How can I pay for National Greens synthetic turf?

Our dealer network offers a variety of payment methods.

How does National Greens handle drainage issues?

National Greens synthetic turf has perforations in the backing to allow for proper drainage, similar to that of natural grass. We construct the sub-base for our synthetic grass installations at a 1% grade to assist with efficient drainage. Proper grading is crucial for the drainage of artificial putting greens and fringe, which do not have perforated backing.

Is synthetic grass considered “pet friendly”?

Yes, National Greens synthetic grass is pet friendly. Cleaning up after pets on a daily basis is the same on synthetic grass – simply use a rake, scooper, or water as you normally would. We also recommend a quarterly or semi-annual cleaning and maintenance program, which would cost less than $100 per year.

How should I remove leaves and yard debris from my artificial lawn?

The same as you would with natural grass – use a rake, leaf blower, or yard vacuum to remove leaves and other debris from your artificial lawn.

Is synthetic grass flammable?

No. National Greens synthetic grass is not flammable. Cigarette burns will melt the fibers but can be easily clipped away.

Does synthetic grass get warmer than natural grass?

Yes. Synthetic grass can be as much as 5-10 degrees warmer than natural grass. However, the temperature can be reduced by the use of tan, rubber-coated infill products, which have been heat-tested.

What type of infill material do you use?

We offer two types of infill material: round-grain silica sand that is coated and thermally bonded with polyolefin elastomers; and a premium double-rubber-coated infill product. For the silica sand, the manufacturing process completely coats and bonds the elastomer to the sand grain. The double-rubber-coated infill product has superior g-max results and playability because the elastomer coating is thermally bonded to the quartz. Extensive wear and abrasion tests have proven the product’s outstanding durability and reliability. It is completely UV stable and has a high melting point that exceeds the temperatures found on the surfaces of synthetic fields. At the end of their useful life, the elastomers in our infill can be recycled.

Are there harmful chemicals or metals in your infill materials?

No. Our infill materials are free from all chemicals and metals. The elastomer used in the coating process is food-grade FDA-approved.

Who are your authorized installers?

Our authorized installers are licensed contractors who are properly insured and bonded. All of our installers are members in good standing with the Association of Synthetic Grass Installers (ASGI). Installers follow the National Greens protocols for installation.

What makes National Greens different?

National Greens is constantly exploring newer, better, and more eco-friendly alternatives. We are currently exploring new and improved options for synthetic turf cleaning and disinfecting, innovative infill products, lead-free turfs, improved tools and equipment for installation, and rejuvenation and extraction processes for prior generation turf products that contained lead, silica sand, or black crumb rubber.

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