Today, many people go for artificial grass as it saves a lot of time and money on maintenance. Artificial turf is the ideal solution in places where water is scant.

It does not require mowing, fertilizing or pesticide application, so it is good for the environment as well. However, you can enjoy these benefits, only if you buy the best artificial grass.

It is crucial to confirm whether the artificial turf you want to buy will look and feel like a natural lawn and is safe for pets and kids. You need to consider some important things to choose the best synthetic grass in the market.

You need to gather as much information about the types of grasses as possible. The cheap and shabby artificial grass made of plastic is outdated now. The latest technology has taken artificial grass to newer heights.

The best quality artificial grass is available in realistic color and texture, which would make your neighbors and guests whether it is real or not. You can get the samples of artificial turf from the licensed contractor before buying.

You should also inquire about the guarantee provided by the manufacturer. The best artificial grass comes with a minimum of 5-year guarantee.

Artificial grass drains faster and easier than that of natural grass. However, it is advisable to check whether the artificial turf you want to buy is designed with perforated and permeable backing, so that water drains quickly from the grass.

You also need to consider whether the look and feel of the grass would blend with your landscape. Climate in your region is one of the most important factors that help you making a decision in this aspect. If you live in a humid climate, you can consider buying artificial turf in deep green color.

On the other hand, if you live in drought prone area, grass in Verdi green bi color or olive bi color may be the best artificial grass for you, as this helps you give a realistic look to your landscape.

Artificial Grass Saves Money In The Long Run

The cost of artificial grass is another crucial thing to be considered before choosing the one. It typically costs more than a natural grass. However, it saves you a lot of money in the long run.

The best artificial turf manufacturer and distributor deliver the product at your doorstep and provide after sale service as well. They install and modify artificial lawn according to your landscape needs. Choosing them can help you save a lot of money and time.

It is crucial to confirm whether the artificial grass would fade, when exposed to UV rays, rain and other weather conditions. The best synthetic turf is made with grade color stabilizers, which assure you that the lawn will look beautiful and green for years to come.

You also need to consider what kind of maintenance the lawn requires. Ensure whether using any products is unsafe on artificial lawn. Choosing the synthetic grass that requires minimum maintenance can help you get ample benefits.

If you want to buy artificial grass, there are some tips that you should apply. Here are some of the steps that you have to follow in order to get the best artificial grass.

The Types Of Artificial Grass

There are basically two types of artificial grass, namely, the monofilament and filament artificial turf. Both types are fine but the monofilament artificial grass is becoming more popular than the filament fake turf.

The blades of the filament grasses are wider than those of monofilament. So, you should find out the benefits as well as the drawbacks of these types of artificial grasses and choose the one that will serve you better.

Another point that you should not forget to consider is the color of the artificial grass that you want. Synthetic grasses are available in different shades of green. You can also find synthetic grasses in other colors other than green. You have to decide the color that will serve your needs.

One of the things that you should consider before you choose a particular shade of green to be used is where you are placing the artificial grass. Darker shades of artificial grasses may be a better option for landscape that should be lush. But if you are using it for decorative purposes, you can also blend it with lighter shades of green. It will give a nice look.

Check The Quality Before Buying Artificial Grass

The first thing that you should do when you are shopping for artificial grass is to find out the quality of the turf that you are buying. Just as with every other item in the market, there are a number of producers and suppliers of synthetic turf and the quality of the artificial grass produced or sold by the dealers are not the same. So, do not be in a rush to buy from a supplier.

In order to make sure that you are buying quality turf grasses, you should first demand for free samples from the supplier.

Suppliers of quality turf grasses will be pleased to give out the samples. You should also find out the number of years their guarantee will last. Normally, suppliers with quality grass will give you a guarantee of 5 years. If the guarantee is not up to 5 years, you may consider looking for another option.

Artificial Grass Features To Look Out For

There are some features that good quality artificial grasses should have. Though artificial grasses are made with synthetic fiber, they have the look of natural grass. This should serve as the first test for the quality of artificial grasses. If the fake turf that you want to buy can easily be differentiated from the natural grass, then you should look for another option. It is not a good one.

Another feature of synthetic turf that you should look out for is its soft and non-abrasive texture. If you are buying the artificial grass, you have to touch the grass and find out how it feels to your touch. If the texture wears down easily, you should not buy the grass.

High quality artificial turfs are also soft to the touch. If you are walking on them, you will feel as if you are walking on foam. Other qualities that you should look out for include

  • High grass blade density
  • Lushness of the grass

Artificial Grass Cost

One of the factors that you should not overlook when you are shopping for artificial grass is the cost. The cost here will include the selling price, transportation price and the installation price. Shop around and buy from a supplier that will give you the best price.

Call Us to Buy the Best Artificial Grass

Artificial grasses are designed to appear like real natural grasses. They can be made to look like a particular natural grass. So, if you are using artificial grass for any purpose, it is important that you consider the type of natural grass that you should have used in the area if you were to use natural grass. For example, there are some grasses that are used in lawns and gardens. Some types of grasses are also better in a particular region. So, look for an artificial grass that looks like the type of natural grass that is supposed to be used in the area where you are installing the artificial grass.

It is also important that you consider the softness and abrasiveness of the artificial grass that you are buying. If you want to use it on your children’s playground, you have to look for a type that is very soft and non-abrasive. Such grass will provide soft ground for children.

You will be in a better position to get the best quality artificial grass if you are to take all these points into considerations.