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Indoor Putting Greens and Simulators

The application of synthetic turf for golf indoors is much like the outdoor putting green with one exception, no worries about rain or inclement weather. Sand bunkers and chipping areas are all possible and safe with proper professional installation. Undulation and hazards are fun, but not always necessary. Installing a synthetic golf green inside can be extremely easy. Shallow “birdy” cups allow for cups to be installed without affecting the floor or foundation beneath. We can also core drill the concrete or wood in order to fit full PGA spec cups into your indoor putting green. You can pull up carpet and glue a short pile (height) turf to concrete with the characteristics of putt-putt or build a more challenging green by mixing floor patches and molding the surface to desired specifications.

National Greens uses the latest technology in indoor golf surfacing. Utilizing styrofoam wedges that are placed strategically for undulation and then covered with lock-together panels. Full-scale golf training facilities with sand traps and bunkers and putting greens that are responsive to chips can be constructed. It can be shocking to see what types of indoor golf installation can come to life with the technology and equipment available today.

When considering where to put your artificial putting green, don’t forget that unused basement, garage, roof, outdoor shop, or showroom floor. Indoor putting greens are a great way to practice your golf game through any season or weather condition. As well as accenting and increasing the value of your home or business.

Our company has installed countless indoor putting greens at homes, schools, churches, and businesses. Indoor putting greens are a great way to have quick practice putting sessions and pick up games with friends in the comfort of your own home or office. From simple and small, to large and extravagant with multiple holes, flags, bunkers, and driving cages. National Greens professionals have installed it all inside!

At National Greens, we also design and build custom golf simulators for your home or business. The golf simulators are incredibly accurate and allow you to play courses from around the world including some of the most famous PGA competitive golf holes. Professional golf simulators allow you to practice not only your driving but also your chipping and putting skills year-round and without fear of the weather. Indoor golfing environments and simulators offer an amazing place to gather with your friends, family, and business clients. Simulators come in a variety of sizes and styles suiting anyone’s home or business.

National Greens offers several base models that are fully customizable to your specific wants and needs. We’ve installed golf simulators in basements, bars, cruise ships, trailers and more. National Greens has offerings for the DIY crowd as well. Clients build their own structures and incorporate our hardware and software to complete the project.

Our simulators integrate with all of the most popular software providers. The Golf Club, E6 Connect, QED Refine and FSX by Foresight Sports are just a few of the available integrations. Play 18 holes at Augusta National or the back nine at Royal St. George’s without having to travel thousands of miles or get invited to said clubs. Contact National Greens today to find out more about indoor putting greens and golf simulators for your home or business.

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