We are all conditioned to trying to buy a bargain. This is the case no matter whether we are buying a house or a packet of diapers. The idea of losing out on a deal can blind us to the other side of the value coin. If we are getting an unbelievably great deal on something such as artificial turf, are we getting a quality product?

The image above was taken from a New York soccer field that was only 10 years old. While this is still outside most manufacturers warranty timeline it is surprising to see such damage in a short time frame. A cheap Chinese turf was used to construct these soccer fields resulting in disastrous results as can be seen in the photo above. Over 300 Million dollars in turf must be replaced in only one decade.

What was the cause of the damage? Repeated deep freezing. Being in New York the fields we exposed to continual deep freeze temperatures every season. After the turf froze and sawed over several years the bonding surface and backing decomposed to the point seams split and fibers were let loose from their ties.

A detailed scientific study conducted by National Greens between discount Chinese and high quality domestic turfs. The study shows that after only two freezing cycles the Chinese turf begins to crack and split in micro fissures. The small cracks lay the ground work for severe damage as heavy foot traffic and more freezing occurs. After eight full freezing and thaw cycles the discount Chinese turf completely failed releasing its fibers from the backing causing critical breakdown of the supporting structure.

While the Chinese turf was a serious let down. The domestic turf supported our belief that quality is far better than a discount. After 25 deep freeze cycles the domestic high quality turf remained soft and pliable. No cracking or warping occurred due to thermal expansion and contraction. This is proof of the use of a good polyethylene rubber backing. Saving money by using cheap rubber to produce the turfs backing drastically affects its ability to stand up to severe weather conditions.

The point is, if the distributor is able to sell as a particular brand of artificial turf at 70 or 80% less than anywhere else there has to be a risk that the product quality is going to be low as well. The synthetic turf might look okay when it is first installed but after a few months it may start to deteriorate rapidly.

Remember that although the thought of saving a few hundred or thousand dollars up front might be tempting, going for the artificial turf that is of inferior quality could cost you big time down the track. Similarly if part of the reason the artificial turf is cheap is because you will be performing the installation yourself you had better be very confident that you will be able to perform the job properly.

In an industry that is expanding at a rapid rate there is going to be a number of businesses and manufacturers whose quality is not up to the standard of the top-end of the market. They may have cut costs on the manufacture, they may have used raw materials of a lower quality or perhaps they have cut out an ingredient that means the difference between a 10 year lifespan and a 5 year lifespan.

Just as the quality of the artificial grass is vital to how long it will last, the way the turf is installed is also going to determine how long it will last too. National Greens synthetic grass has the experience to make sure your artificial grass installation is of only the highest quality. We have several years experience problem solving in many construction situations.

If you are responsible for a major artificial turf installation you should invite suppliers to tender for the installation. Make sure you get to know who the major artificial turf companies are in your area and then visit sites where they have completed work in the past. You definitely want to see the type of turf you will be buying as well as the way in which it looks when it has been installed.

In the chance you have made the mistake of using cheap artificial grass on your property and need to replace it with a quality product. Please know National Greens only uses the highest quality domestic artificial grasses produced right here in the United States by American workers. Also National Greens offers the longest manufactures and installers warranty on our turf. Our turf carries an 18 year manufactures fade guarantee as well as an unconditional 10 year warranty on the turf itself. National Greens also offers a “LIFETIME” warranty on installation. The only like it in the industry. If your turf gets damaged or needs repair we fix it free of charge. It is as simple as that.

Do not be lured into the purchase of a particular synthetic turf product based on the price. Cheap synthetic turfs will more than likely turn out to be far from the cheap solution you originally thought it was going to be. If you are looking for an installer of commercial or home artificial grass, feel free to visit our home page or our contact us page and we will schedule you for a free installation estimate. If you are unfamiliar with the construction steps below we recommend you have a licensed contractor such as National Greens who is experienced in the installation of synthetic grass & familiar with local requirements/codes/ordinances perform the work.

Contact us today for further information or free estimates at National Greens.

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