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Building backyard putting green with sand bunkers and chipping areas.

The Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf installed in North America annually conserves more than three billion gallons of water, eliminates nearly a billion pounds of pesticides and fertilizers, and recycles more than 105 million used tires. It has also empowered millions of individuals as well as businesses to reduce their carbon footprints.


National Greens of Arkansas the absolute best artificial grass products available in the United States today. We make certain with our choices of high quality synthetic grass that your installation will last for an incredible amount of time. Our fine products insure your turf will not fade or break down prematurely due to environmental elements.


National Greens of Arkansas has more professional endorsements than any other turf installation company in the state of Arkansas. Including Arkansas’ PGA golf professional of the year. Our sports professionals not only endorse our products they use them with pride every day


Synthetic grass provides an incredible amount of positive environmental changes for the state of Arkansas. Turf alone has eliminated and put to good use over 2.5 million used tired which once clogged landfills. Arkansas companies and home owners have also been able to significantly reduce their carbon footprints which is great both themselves and our planet.

The largest benefit of all is turfs’ ability to remove pesticides and conserve major amounts of wasted water, “how much you say?” try over 72 million gallons of fresh water.

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About Us

Arkansas leader in backyard putting green, synthetic grass, pet run, playground, baseball field, halo, soccer field, and practice football field installation.The team at National Greens of Houston are experts in all things T-U-R-F.

We focus on providing the highest quality products, unique one of a kind designs, and complete your job on time and on budget no matter how large the project. With certified dealers in Arkansas (Little Rock, Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale and Little Rock) and Texas (Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas), National Greens specializes in the installation and non-sand-filled artificial nylon turfs.

Beyond selecting the right artificial grass for our clients’ needs, National Greens ensures that the most crucial part of the installation process is expertly covered: Preparation. Prior to any installation, National Greens works with clients to assess usage needs, access and drainage requirements, and preferences for creative edge finish.

The National Greens installation team conducts ground stabilization work (as needed) and expertly installs the synthetic turf to maximize long-term durability and pleasing, “life-like” aesthetic quality.

Why Choose Us

Arkansas Artificial Grass

SYNTHETIC GRASS SERVICES National Greens of Arkansas is your top choice for artificial turf projects of every type in the state of Arkansas. We specialize in several different ways of serving our clients with artificial turf. Check out the list below to see how our vast experience can help bring your dream installation to life.
RECENT PROJECTS Check out our recent synthetic grass projects in Arkansas to get idea of the service you can expect for National Greens of Arkansas
ABOUT US National Greens of Arkansas has been expanding the use of artificial turf in Arkansas for the last 12 years. We value our clients’ satisfaction above all things. Contact us anytime to receive a free on site, or remote estimate for installing artificial grass in the venue of your choice.
OVER 12 YEARS EXPERIENCE National Greens of Arkansas is the longest active turf installer in the state. No other artificial grass company has completed as many successful installations as ours. We stated our company in the state of Arkansas and value the positive history and business we provide here greatly.

Artificial Grass Services

Residential Putting Greens

Arkansas artificial putting & backyard golf environment

If you want to improve your golf game and are serious about it, installing artificial putting greens in your backyard is a great way to start. Artificial putting greens allow you to practice putting from the comfort of your backyard any time that you want. If you are a golf enthusiast, there’s no better way to improve your short game, and the difference that it can make can be substantial. Many golf professionals have similar artificial putting greens in their home, and you can install the same artificial greens that the pros use to master their game.

Our professional tour greens are just like a real course

National Greens of Arkansas offers several different design choices which include custom lighting, water hazards, sand traps and other features that can make your backyard putting greens just like a real course. Our tour quality greens have true ball roll and hold your shots, pitches and chips just like real greens would. By being able to practice your short game on a regular basis you can eliminate several strokes from your game and be that much more competitive when you get to play for real.

Custom designed just the way you want it

You can design every feature of your artificial green just the way that you want it including the flag, chipping pad, and its overall look. The green will be customized for your backyard area and it will be designed to look great among your current landscape features.

You can choose to add a single hole or multiple holes if you want to practice different approach shots and angles. It’s an exciting new feature for your home that your guests and family will love. With full control over how you want your green to look you can truly make it your own and turn your backyard into a fun golfing oasis.

Indoor putting greens are also available

National Greens of Arkansas has also installed indoor putting greens in dozens of different types of locations including businesses, churches and schools. We can also custom install indoor putting greens, and they are a fun way to practice your putting in the comfort of your own home. No matter what kind of putting green that you want, National Greens of Arkansas can help bring your vision to life.

Our putting greens can significantly help you improve your short game while allowing you to practice it at any time without having to travel to the golf course. Call National Greens of Arkansas for a free consultation at 501-482-1071 and learn how you can get a professional putting green installed in your home today.

Commercial Putting Greens

National Greens Commercial Projects

  • Carriage Custom Homes, Hot Springs, AR
  • Security One, Hot Springs, AR
  • Chenal Heights Nursing Home
  • Castle Properties, Little Rock, AR
  • Cooper Homes, Hot springs, AR
  • Enterprise Rental, Little Rock, AR
  • World Gym, Fayettville, AR
  • Noah’s Ark Baptist Daycare Center – Stuttgart, AR
  • Lil’ Treasures (playground) – Sherwood, AR
  • Cantrell Gradens, Little Rock AR

Golf Courses

  • Long Hills Golf Course – Benton, AR
  • Pleasant Valley Country Club – Little Rock, AR
  • Springdale Country Club – Springdale, AR
  • Alotian Club – Little Rock, AR
  • Chenal Valley Country Club – Little Rock, AR

More of Our Projects

Forest Lake Garden Homes Synthetic Golf Green Project – July 2009

Forest Lake Garden Homes is an early stage retirement community with amenities such as virtual golf, a beach entry swimming pool, and a professionally installed synthetic golf green by National Greens.

Magic Springs Durable Synthetic Grass Project – June 2009

Magic Springs is a theme park containing everything from roller-coaster rides to water slides. Magic Springs has recently been purchased by a new company and they have completely changed the landscape of the park and hired National Greens to install durable synthetic grass throughout the park.

The use of synthetic grass has limited their maintenance costs and added a sharper, cleaner contrast of green. The following pictures represent the final look. River Tower Condominiums, Little Rock, Arkansas. Roof top synthetic golf green project. Moses and Tucker Realty contracted National Greens to install a synthetic golf green on the top of the roof so that the residents can putt and chip all year long.

It adds a nice touch of green life as well as functionality. World Gym, Indoor Synthetic Putting Green. In 2008, National Greens installed a synthetic putting green at the largest World Gym. Beside the synthetic golf green is a small chipping area and net-cage for taking powerful drives.

World Gym Full Golf Swing Net Cage World Gym Indoor Putting Green Fayetteville, AR

Lil’ Treasures Synthetic Playground. National Greens installed a synthetic playground in Sherwood, AR. The playground is sand/rubber filled and passes a 6′ fall height test.

Synthetic Playground Sherwood, AR
Noah’s Ark Childcare, Synthetic Playground Project. National Greens installed a synthetic playground for Noah’s Ark Childcare in Stuttgart, AR.

Noah’s Ark Childcare in Stuttgart, AR

Security Title Synthetic Lawn Project. National Greens installed a no-maintenance synthetic lawn for Security Title in Hot Springs Village, AR next to Sonice by the west gate.

Security Title Synthetic Lawn Hot Springs Village, AR Security Title Synthetic Lawn Hot Springs, Arkansas Security Title Synthetic Hot Springs, Arkansas

Chanel Heights Nursing Home Synthetic Putting Green Project. National Greens installed a synthetic putting green for the residents of Chanel Heights Nursing Home. The putting green is a low-impact physical therapy for the residents.


Synthetic Lawns from National Greens of Arkansas

Installing a synthetic lawn can make your landscaping and lawn maintenance significantly easier than it is now. The process of maintaining your Arkansas lawn can be very time consuming, as it involves watering, mowing, fertilizing and spraying weeds. It can take several hours out of your week just to perform basic maintenance, and even when you’re traveling you have to hire someone to maintain your lawn while you’re away. All of these issues can be avoided by installing a synthetic lawn.

You won’t have to worry about damage from pets or kids

A main benefit of installing a synthetic lawn is the fact that you won’t have to worry about damage from your kids or pets. Damage to real grass can be very costly to repair and it can occur frequently if your lawn gets a lot of traffic. Our artificial lawns are easy to install and offer an excellent replacement to real grass, and they are perfectly save for your pets and kids to play on. They offers a softer surface which cushions falls and impacts, and you can customize it to look exactly as you want.

Our synthetic lawns are resistant to pests, moles, and plant invasion

With a synthetic lawn, you won’t have to spend time fixing parts that have been damaged by pests. Moles are forced away from the lawn, and the turf is installed on a very strong backing that doesn’t allow grass to grow through it. It’s also the perfect solution to the muddy colored unsightly patches of grass that can pop up in shaded areas. Your lawn will look lush every day of the year, even during the hot Arkansas summer days, and it also can save you a substantial amount on your water bill, often up to 50%.

No maintenance and perfect for playing areas

You can install artificial grass on specific parts of your lawn such as designated playing areas or the parts that have been more difficult for you to maintain. Our synthetic grass is designed to be safe for playing and for pool areas, as it can absorb more shock than natural grass.

It also gives you the freedom of being able to travel without having to worry about hiring someone to maintain your lawn while you are away or dealing with sprinkler maintenance. Natural grass can fade and die even when it’s maintained to the best of your ability, but you won’t have to worry about that ever again once you install artificial grass.

To ask any questions that you may have about artificial grass and why it might be a good option for your home, contact National Greens of Arkansas today by calling (501)-744-5592.

Arkansas Playground Turf

Arkansas Playground Turf Playgrounds in Arkansas need to have modern equipment and high quality surfaces in order to ensure safety. Installing artificial playground turf in an Arkansas playground is an excellent way to improve the safety of a playground. Artificial playground turf can be used for play, recreational events, or sports practices.

National Greens of Arkansas can install high quality playground turf that is just like real grass but safer and softer. Playground turf has dozens of advantages compared to natural grass, and it can be substantially safer and better for many different types of sports and recreational activities.

Artificial turf is safer and tougher than real grass

One of the main benefits of artificial turf is the fact that it is safer than real grass while also being more resistant to damage. The synthetic playground grass that National Greens of Arkansas uses provides a softer surface than grass, as it has a thick foam cushion hidden beneath the surface that softens falls. Because of this, artificial turf is substantially safer for play areas, especially if there is any climbing or raised equipment.

We can help with custom designing both your playground and equipment

If you are interested in designing a new public or private playground we can help you with your surface and equipment planning. We can custom design a play area on any size of land and have over 10 years of experience with play area design. We are safety and landscaping experts and know how to properly plan a playground to be as safe as possible and customized for your unique needs.

A great choice for both private and public playgrounds

We can install playground turf on any existing playground or new construction project. Our artificial turf has been used in both private and public playgrounds for churches, community centers, homes, schools and more. Our artificial turf is the latest and most advanced turf that you can currently get, and it is adopted from the modern technology used to create sports fields.

Our artificial turf or grass is guaranteed to be able to handle the wear and tear, and it’s a safe and effective alternative to natural grass. Grass isn’t always safe as a play surface and it can be costly and time consuming to maintain. National Greens of Arkansas can explain more of the top benefits of artificial turf and meet with you to ask any questions during a free consultation. To schedule a consultation, contact National Greens of Arkansas today by calling (501) 482-1072

Pet Turf

Pet grass from National Greens of Arkansas

National Greens of Arkansas knows that you love your pets, but they can wreak havoc on your lawn and cost substantial damage that can be expensive to repair and time consuming. Some of the problems that can occur include damaged or dead grass as a result of pet waste, holes or broken patches of grass as a result of digging, or visible wear in play areas.

You may also have to frequently clean your home and furniture because of tracked dirt and mud. National Greens of Arkansas can install high quality artificial grass for your pets that won’t have any of these problems and works as an excellent replacement for a traditional lawn. With our artificial grass, you pets can enjoy the outdoors and you won’t have to worry about repairing damage to your lawn or cleaning up muddy messes.

Artificial grass is an easier surface to maintain

One of the main benefits of our artificial turf is the fact that it is substantially easier to maintain than regular grass. The artificial grass is highly drainable and it can prevent the buildup of waste materials. It will look great long after it has been installed, and you won’t have to worry about resodding your lawn or dealing with patches of dead grass. It is soft and comfortable and your pets will love it just like real grass.

Save you money and time in the long run

Because of the fact that you won’t have to deal with lawn repairs, artificial grass can save you money in the long run after you have it installed. It saves you the trouble of having to maintain your yard and it prevents your pets from digging and getting mud on their claws and in your home. Artificial pet grass also looks great and can improve the appearance of your yard.

It offers an ideal place for your pet to play, and we can customize your installation to the part of your yard that you want, whether it is a specific play area or your entire yard. To learn more about the benefits of artificial grass for your pets, contact National Greens of Arkansas today by calling (501)-482-1071

Sport & Fitness

Synthetic Turf and Athletic Surfacing from National Greens of Arkansas

Installing synthetic turf is a great choice for several sports, and it has a wide range of distinct advantages compared to grass. Our turf is a safer material than grass and can reduce the impact from falls. Players can perform better on turf and it is also easier to maintain than grass, allowing players to practice more often. Our artificial turf has been used in schools, churches, parks, youth centers, and for professional sports teams, and we can customize your turf installation for your exact requirements.

Turf allows you to practice more often

Our artificial sports turf is resilient to wear and tear, and this allows you to practice much more often than you may be able to with regular grass. It’s a great option for several different sports including baseball, football, golf and soccer, and it looks and plays better than regular grass. In the long run, our synthetic turf costs you less to maintain than regular grass. Your team can also get a competitive advantage by installing it on your home field.

Our artificial turf absorbs shock and is safer to play and practice on

One of the main advantages of installing our artificial turf is the fact that it absorbs shock better than other surfaces. It comes with rubber pellets which reduce the impact of falls and can absorb a significant amount of shock. This helps to keep your players healthy and can ensure that they are protected from serious injuries when they are practicing.

The rubber pellets also provide an easier surface to run on while wearing cleats, and the pellets are designed to fall right back where they were originally laid, making the surface easy to maintain.

Our turf can be installed anywhere

Your turf installation will be customized for your particular facility or the area where you need to have it installed. Whether it is a football, soccer, or multi use field, a practice facility, play area, or putting green, we guarantee that our synthetic turf will provide a superior, lower maintenance and safer alternative to other surfaces.

Once it is installed, it can save you thousands of dollars each year in maintenance costs, and it is designed to look and function great for years to come. You won’t have to waste time with surface maintenance, and your team will be able to practice as often as they want, making you that much more competitive.

To learn more about the benefits of our artificial turf for sports, contact National Greens of Arkansas today by calling (501)-744-5592.

DIY & Wholesale

Wholesale and Do-It-Yourself

We are able to offer you the absolute lowest prices possible on wholesale artificial turf, saving you money if you are interested in doing your own artificial turf projects. If you own a construction or landscaping business, adding artificial turf installations to your list of services can help you get more business and gives you a competitive advantage over other services.

We also provide you with a free consultation on how to use artificial turf as effectively as possible to maximize your profit if you are interested in offering turf installations as a service.

We can help you with your DIY project

As a do-it-yourselfer you may be interested in installing your own artificial grass or turf. You can purchase any turf that you need from us at rock bottom wholesale prices. We also include free consultations, tips and advice for your DIY project so that you can properly plan it out and ensure that it goes the exact way that you expect it to.

Our 24-hour consultation service is one of a kind and it is free with your purchase, and it can save you countless of hours of time on your next turf or artificial grass project.

Get assistance with your project

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, we can help you with your next artificial turf project from start to finish. If you are looking for advice on a particularly difficult project, we can walk you through the steps and also provide you with professional instruction videos that can help guide you through your installation. With our consultation service we will help your project stay on track and on budget, and we will help you through any issues that you may run into.

There is simply no other service that offers this level of support and training for all of our customers, and we truly care about our customers and helping you get the exact results that you want with your project. To learn more about our wholesale turf pricing, for a free consultation or to ask any questions, contact National Greens of Arkansas at (501) 482-1071