Mississippi Artificial Grass

Synthetic Lawn & Landscape

National Greens provides the perfect lawn solution to Mississippi’s wet climate. The Magnolia State is ranked the third-rainiest state in the country and second-wettest in the winter. Rains keeps grass green, but also creates lots of mud and bald spots that make for ugly lawns. Synthetic grass provides the perfect, low-maintenance lawn for your home or business regardless of weather and soil conditions. Residents from Gulfport to Tupelo can have a flawless lawn and maximum curb appeal for their property. Synthetic grass is an essential component of exquisite landscaping in wet climates. Artificial turf maintains its luminous green color year-round and greatly accents accompanying yard features. Turf fibers are created to look and feel like real, live grass without all the maintenance. Our catalog contains numerous turf styles and colors that provide solutions for any landscaping project. National Greens installs synthetic turf both indoor and outdoors to fit your individual goals and budget.

Synthetic Golf Environments

National Greens built its reputation on the design and installation of putting greens since 2002. We’ve installed synthetic putting greens for PGA professionals, individuals, businesses, and on golf courses throughout the country. Whether you’re seeking a simple indoor putting greens or a complex, multi-hole outdoor putting green, we have the solution. Safety, performance, and visual appeal are key in every putting green design. We understand different soil types, slopes and surfaces to ensure your stimp demands and visions are met. National Greens offers remote assist to all clients who choose the DIY route and require real-time customer service via screen-sharing and video conferencing. We also offer several pre-fabricated putting green kits for self-installation. We can also send an installer to your location. Contact us today for details.

Synthetic Playgrounds

Our synthetic playground surfaces are designed with safety and durability as the top priorities. Artificial playground grass has thick foam cushions underneath the surface. The grass fibers are filled with small shock-absorbing rubber pellets that, combined with the foam, provide a cushion that mitigates injuries resulting from falls. The non-abrasive surface also prevents scrapes and cuts. National Greens is the premiere provider of artificial turf installations for playgrounds in Mississippi. We’ll even get you the best deal on playground equipment, including swing sets, slides, and merry-go-rounds. Contact us today with details on your project.

Synthetic Athletic Fields

Artificial turf is significantly more durable than natural grass, thus can be used much more frequently with far less maintenance. Synthetic grass allows teams and organizations to practice and play more frequently, while providing a much faster surface that gives home field athletes an edge over the competition. National Greens installs artificial turf fields both indoors and outdoors. Our high-quality field turf plays, looks, and wears better than natural grass and saves our clients thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. We design and install surfaces for every level of competition, from pee-wee soccer to NFL stadiums and practice fields. The manufacturing and design technology for artificial turf continues to advance rapidly. National Greens frequently updates its processes to ensure our clients get the most up-to-date products and installations that fit their individual visions. Our field turf is engineered to maximize player performance, improve safety, and save our clients money on maintenance costs.

5. Pets & Synthetic Grass
The American Kennel Club named the Labrador Retriever the most popular pure-bred in Mississippi in 2017. It should not be surprising that the bulldog and French bulldog were also in the top-5, thanks to Mississippi State University mascot, Bully the bulldog. But as much as we love our dogs, they are known to wreak havoc on lawns. National Greens understands that pets are members of the family. That’s why we design low maintenance, aesthetically-pleasing dog runs that retain that vibrant, perfectly-manicured green appearance year-round. Bald spots and holes dug by your dogs are a thing of the past. Synthetic grass surfaces for pets have drainage systems for liquid waste and are easily cleaned with a garden hose. The need for pesticides are eliminated, making for safer living and play areas for dogs. Synthetic grass is great for the home, office, and outdoors.

We offer artificial grass installations in several Mississippi cities, including Biloxi, Hattiesburg, Jackson, and Starkville. Contact us today with details about your synthetic turf plans.