About National Greens of Houston

A premier artificial grass company

With dealers in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, National Greens specializes in the installation and non-sand-filled artificial nylon turfs. Beyond selecting the right artificial grass for our clients’ needs, National Greens ensures that the most crucial part of the installation process is expertly covered: Preparation.

Prior to any installation, National Greens works with clients to assess usage needs, access and drainage requirements, and preferences for creative edge finish. The National Greens installation team conducts ground stabilization work (as needed) and expertly installs the synthetic turf to maximize long-term durability and pleasing, “life-like” aesthetic quality.

Customer’s Satisfaction is our Success

The process of building your custom putting green begins when you contact us by email or phone. We utilize screen sharing and video chat to provide our customers the best possible support throughout the project. Our team surveys your land remotely via Google Earth to determine the exact specification for your new custom putting green.

We pride ourselves on world-class customer service and innovation. Let’s get started on your custom putting green project today! Houston’s leader in backyard putting green, synthetic grass, pet run, playground, baseball field, halo, soccer field, and practice football field installation.The team at National Greens are experts in all things T-U-R-F.

We focus on providing the highest quality products, unique one of a kind designs, and complete your job on time and on budget no matter how large the project. With certified dealers in Arkansas (Little Rock, Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale and Little Rock) and Texas (Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas), National Greens specializes in the installation and non-sand-filled artificial nylon turfs.

Beyond selecting the right artificial grass for our clients’ needs, National Greens ensures that the most crucial part of the installation process is expertly covered: Preparation. Prior to any installation, National Greens works with clients to assess usage needs, access and drainage requirements, and preferences for creative edge finish.

The National Greens installation team conducts ground stabilization work (as needed) and expertly installs the synthetic turf to maximize long-term durability and pleasing, “life-like” aesthetic quality.

  • The team at National Greens has been in the industry since its inception. We work directly with turf manufacturers to help enhance their product line and make it better. Having these direct partnerships with the factory enable our experienced staff to know how to make your project come alive

  • The days of “Astroturf” are behind us. National Greens carries the largest selection of Turf options from multiple US and International producers. Our goal is to give you the highest quality, longest lasting product in the industry. Your friends and customers will think you have a staff of landscapers keeping your grass looking perfect 365 days a year

  • Our mission is to exceed every customer’s expectations for service, quality, and value. Our team of trained sales and installation professionals are ready to tackle any size project. We focus on identifying what is important to our customers and incorporating their ideas into the final design

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

Synthetic turf installed in North America annually conserves more than three billion gallons of water, eliminates nearly a billion pounds of pesticides and fertilizers, and recycles more than 105 million used tires.


The combined money savings of water, gas, trimming, and chemical treatment means our artificial turf installations quickly pay for themselves.


Synthetic grass does not produce or harbor airborne allergens and bacteria. It is also resistant to mold development and stopping airborne spores before they form.


National Greens turf stops the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers which pollute drinking water, destroy natural habitats, and harm small children and pets.

Our Services

Artificial Putting Greens & Golf Environments

If you are seeking the most advanced training aid for your golf game a backyard putting green will shave the strokes from your game within weeks. Installing an artificial practice putting green has countless benefits. If you’re an avid golfer it will change your game drastically, eliminating strokes approaching the green as well as putts placed on each green.

Synthetic putting greens are a necessity for tomorrow’s PGA masters. However, you don’t have to be a pro golfer to appreciate the experience of owning your own artificial putting green at home. National Greens of Houston offers a multitude of design features including sand traps, water hazards, custom lighting and many other amenities to excite your game of golf.

We create professional tour quality greens that have true ball roll, at tour speeds, hold chips, pitches, and full shots like natural professional greens. Owning a realistic putting green greatly improves your short game and eliminates costly strokes as you approach the green in competitive play. We offer several custom flag and chipping pad options for each client’s particular project. Greens can be designed with single holes or multiple for additional practice angles and approach shots.

If you thought a BBQ brought the neighbors over, wait till you’re having weekly putting shoot outs with friends and family. Nothing brings people closer than fun outdoor activities. Now that the fun of professional putting can be brought to your doorstep everyone can enjoy the fun and challenge of a professional putting green.

National Greens of Houston has also installed countless indoor putting greens at homes, schools, churches and businesses. Indoor putting greens are a great way to have quick practice putting sessions and pick up games with friends in the comfort of your own home or office.

Synthetic putting greens can be as simple as a small poolside putting green, to massive scale re-creations of PGA tour putting greens including water hazards and sand traps. National Greens of Houston can design and build anything you can imagine, big, small, and anywhere in between in a professional, economical, and timely manner.

Whether just a backyard putting green or a realistic, synthetic golf environment, artificial putting greens are our specialty. The best golfers practice at home, and we help them do that year-round.

Our synthetic golf greens maintain true ball roll at PGA speed. All of our golf greens are customized, whether for at-home use, driving range applications, or to include uniquely designed breaks, ridges, and bunkers.

Synthetic Grass for Lawns and Landscaping

Maintaining a Houston lawn can be very time consuming, mowing, trimming, spraying, and fertilizing the grass. You pay larger monthly charges for watering and electricity due to the Houston heat. When you go away on holidays you usually have to ask your neighbors or a friend to take care of your lawn.

Once you do finally have the ideal lawn of your dreams you will be constantly worried that kids or pets will disturb or damage it. National Greens of Houston synthetic grass can be applied to any garden or lawn including roof terraces and patios it is also the perfect answer to muddy patches that occur in shaded areas.

Our artificial turf is also 100% resistance to bacteria and mold. The incredibly strong backing on which the turf fibers are attached do not allow grass or roots to grow through. This applies also for pests like moles. Moles plague Houston lawns. With synthetic grass moles are forced deep underneath the grass and away from your property. National Greens of Houston offers a 100% mole resistance guarantee on not only your synthetic lawn areas but your natural flower beds that are also within that area.

Synthetic grass is a product made of polymer fibers that offers the opportunity to own a healthy lush looking, no maintenance lawn 365 days a year. National Greens of Houston synthetic grass allows you to never again look at ugly scorched grass in the Houston summer, you will never have to water the grass, and it stays green and beautiful year round.

Synthetic grass is child friendly which makes it perfect for playing and rolling on as well as for picnics and inflatable swimming pool areas. Artificial grass is the best choice for a natural looking lawn at your Houston residence. You will drastically decrease your water bill! On average you can save up to 50% of your water use.

This can have a tremendous impact on your monthly water bill. Stress free ownership: When spending time at your residence, you will be less bothered by maintenance in your garden since artificial grass needs no mowing or watering or other weekly maintenance. Houston weather and climate extremes are harsh on natural grass.

Synthetic grass will always look perfectly green and well maintained. Sprinkler systems could fail during your absence, or your water flow could be stopped for many reasons. Natural grass would rapidly become yellow and die. With National Greens of Houston synthetic grass, you won’t ever need to worry about this again.

Pet Turf

National Greens of Houston knows that as much as you love your furry, four-legged friends, they can wreak havoc on your lawn. From dead grass as a result of pet waste to unsightly desire paths in highly trafficked areas of your lawn (as typically occur along fence lines), having a dog can leave your lawn looking a little worse for the wear.

That is why National Greens installs artificial grass for dogs that can keep your outdoor area looking great while providing your furry friend with a safe place to run and play. The artificial grass installed by National Greens is highly drainable, preventing the build-up of waste materials and allowing for easy water run-off. It can withstand even the most challenging pets and will continue to look great for a long while after its installation.

Not only that, dog turf keeps you from needing to maintain your yard constantly as a result of owning a pet, saving you a tremendous amount of time, money, and water costs in the long run. Our fake grass for dogs offers homeowners a number of benefits. It prevents digging, prevents muddy paws (and muddy carpets in your home), and will not stain or discolor over time. Use dog turf for the entire lawn area or specifically in pet areas such as dog kennels and runs.

Synthetic dog turf is your ideal option for providing a safe, convenient spot for your dog to enjoy being a dog while you maintain an attractive outdoor space.

Man Caves

Set your recliner in the end zone or on the 50 yard-line with a man-cave from National Greens. Feel like you are in the game while watching the super bowl on artificial turf by National Greens. Create the authentic feel of the real grass inside your home. Synthetic grass is perfect for children and parents alike. State of the art synthetic grass supplied by National Greens will make feel like you are in the game.


Modern Texas playgrounds require modern equipment, surroundings and accommodations. National Greens of Houston playground turf is built to very high standards and safety is priority one in every design. Even long, luscious real grass conceals a hard layer of earth and stone beneath.

To fall on this kind of ground is rather painful; in the worst case, it can cause serious injury. Synthetic playground grass offers a graded surface with a thick foam cushion that is hidden beneath its surface. Then its long fibers are filled with small shock absorbing rubber pellets that provide a soft pillow like cushion when falling. Our playground turf can be installed with new or pre existing equipment. We can also supply the equipment needed for any playground.

Artificial grass provides a far superior protective ground surface for outdoor play areas, particularly areas with climbing frames and raised play equipment. Tougher than real grass, safer than real grass. No room for playground equipment? Let us design a custom play area for your family. Kids can play in a safe environment free from allergens, pesticides, mud and stains.

These play areas are built to the same standards as our full size playground safety specifications and can have equipment added at any time. Houston schools, churches, community centers and private home owners are all seeking a dramatic change in the way playgrounds are being constructed. Modern technology has allowed us to create a surface that better suits not only sports but public and private playgrounds as well.

Artificial playground turf is making waves in the Houston playground community with an exciting new safety surface that is soft, yet durable while being extremely safe playground turf is the realization of synthetic turf from sports fields technologies adapted to suit the playground industry. National Greens leads the charge with cutting edge synthetic grass technology developed specifically for playground safety surfacing. To handle the redundant wear and heavy traffic that occurs on a playground surface, you need a better than average safety surfacing and better than average synthetic grass fibers system.

The exciting part of synthetic turf for Houston playgrounds is the ability for children of all ages to enjoy an area that is inviting & soft. Other safety surfaces, such as hard formed rubber tiles, or rubber mulch that gets displaced & thrown, have drawbacks and provide less of an inviting play-surface.

One thing is certain the future of playgrounds in Houston is synthetic. Let National Greens of Houston design and build the perfect modern playground for you or let us refurbish your existing playground with modern equipment and synthetic surfacing. Contact us today!

Synthetic Sports and Athletic Surfacing

Almost any sport can greatly benefit from the use of our artificial turf solutions. Discover why most professional teams use modern synthetic playing surfaces. Safer playing, improved player performance, and unparalleled consistency are only a few of the major benefits clients can expect. Synthetic grass playing surfaces are great for schools, professional sports teams, churches, youth centers, neighborhood/city parks or even your seriously dedicated private athlete.

The technology of artificial sports surfaces has grown dramatically in recent years. Our turf is specifically engineered to improve player performance while also improving safety at the same time. Every surface is finely tuned to provide the client with the playing characteristics they prefer. National Greens of Houston artificial turf can withstand significantly more use than natural grass and can therefore be used much more frequently.

This allows teams to practice and play more frequently as well as sports ground owners to generate more income from their facilities. Indoor field installations allow for year round practice and play on a surface matched to your outdoor competition surface. This gives your team true home playing advantage.

Our field turf plays, looks, and wears better than natural grass. All while costing you dramatically less money to maintain than natural grass. All our competitive turf installations come dressed with small recycled shock absorbing rubber pellets. These pellets give under high pressure protecting players from impact injuries. These rubber beads also allow for improved acceleration and deceleration while running, molding perfectly to any cleat pattern.

We use pellets designed to fall away from players and playing equipment so it stays where it is laid. National Greens of Houston also has a detailed program to make possible synthetic turf projects where otherwise would not be. Your school, neighborhood, or organization may be contemplating the construction of a synthetic grass sport field, putting green, play area, or playground. You may not be sure it is economically feasible.

A football/soccer multi-use field is a large expense but save tens of thousands of dollars a year versus a natural field. National Greens of Houston has fundraising plans to make your sports field affordable for your school or organization. Contact us today for help turfing your sports facilities.

Wholesale Turf

We offer turf for every situation. Lawns, pets, playgrounds, putting greens, indoor soccer, baseball, and football fields. Available are all accessories competitively priced. General construction companies and landscapers are welcome. National Greens offers consultation and training so your turf project will go off without a hitch.

National Greens wants to help your company make a profit and help you keep your customer base happy. Call or email today for information about artificial grass sales. Contractors welcome! click the “contractor login” tab and fill out the form for lower pricing. DIY homeowners, we want your business too.

Our competitive priced synthetic grass is of the highest quality. We have available consultation services. Get assistance on your installation from A to Z. You will be guided on your project in turf selection and laying out your design, National Greens will assist in every way possible.

Ready to help, our staff is knowledgeable whether you are installing pet grass for your furry friend, great for parks and clinics. Need a play area to pass a nine foot federally mandated fall height test, National Greens will have the answers to all your synthetic play turf questions.

Putting greens and lawns for landscaping upgrades rank among the highest sought after outdoor purchase. We love the “Do it Yourself” spirit and have a division just for the DIY putting green builder.

Remote Assist

National Greens is your turnkey solution for all things artificial turf. We are a national wholesalers of all things artificial turf and offer competitive pricing for all your synthetic turf projects, including lawns, pet areas, putting greens, soccer fields, and more.

National Greens has partnered with construction, landscaping, and other contractors across the country to provide their businesses with additional revenue streams and the opportunity to expand customer bases. Our company opened in 2002, focused mostly on design and installation of custom putting greens and our do-it-yourself putting green kits.

We have since become a nationally trusted name in wholesale synthetic turf and accessories. National Greens has pricing plans to fit companies of all sizes. We provide initial consultations and ongoing world-class support for our clients to ensure maximum profits and customer satisfaction. Our services are also available to individual, private customers.

Our team has installed artificial turf surfaces in corporate courtyards, school playgrounds, dog walking parks, football fields, front and back lawn for private homes, and much more. One phone call is all that’s necessary to get the ball rolling. We’ll walk you through the entire project, from the design stage to completion. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.

The designers, installers, and technicians at National Greens bring decades of experience dealing with artificial grass and its related accessories. Our high-quality work and professionalism have helped us build lasting relationships with our clients. Synthetic turf is increasing in popularity as Americans are becoming conscious of protecting the environment and its precious ecosystems.

Artificial turf requires very little water and eliminates the need for toxic pesticides that contaminate both the soil and groundwater. Synthetic turf is durable through four seasons of weather, reduces carbon footprints by eliminating the need for lawnmowers, and saves consumers thousands of dollars on maintenance and water bills.

A National Greens representative is available to answer your questions during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central, Monday through Friday. You may also use the contact form or email us directly and we’ll respond within 24 hours. Ask about our close-out turf specials. All inventory from last season must go now and is priced accordingly!