In this article we will cover a new proposed artificial grass installation installed in Little Rock, Arkansas. Recently National Greens took on the job of creating a one of a kind synthetic grass installation for The Anthony School located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The school desired a small muti-purpose soccer field for the students to enjoy. The jobs final design encompassed an area larger than 6,000 square feet. National Greens had the perfect design to utilize their available space with the best results.

The Anthony School used National Greens’ new Synthetic Grass Fundraising (SGF) program to quickly and efficiently raise the money to build the installation. Using their current parent and community sponsors the money was raised within only a month the cover the entire project cost. This give parents the feeling they are part of the project and helps with relationships between parents and the school. Every time the parent sees a smile on their child’s face when playing on the new modern synthetic field they will know they made the right choice.

The artificial grass field will be built using an extremely safe and soft turf type for small children. There will also be no infill so small children are never at risk for particle inhalation when crawling on its surface. Below the turfs surface there will be a soft foam padding layer to protect against falls from playing hard and running. Additionally the field incorporates the school crest at mid field which is a rare occurrence on small fields such as these.

The new installation will provide the school with a 30% savings on their yearly water costs and significant savings in maintenance in general. Their play areas are also now usable 365 days a year. Playtime injuries will also be reduced making the school safer for both children and adults. No more scraped knees, or bruises. The students wear specific uniforms that can be susceptible to stains from grass and mud, no longer with National Greens synthetic grass.

Overall the project made the school more attractive, safer, more efficient, and more appealing to parents considering sending their children there. Both students and teachers alike rave about the new artificial grass surfaces provided by National Greens. After Holy Souls was completed last year many other Central Arkansas schools have begun considering the switch to synthetic grass playgrounds and sports surfaces.

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