Pet Turf & Dog Runs

Pet Turf & Dog Runs

Pets – Residential & Commercial Benefits

  • Own a dog and have a beautiful lawn
  • No discoloration or burning of grass due to pet waste
  • Liquids quickly drain through, solids easily lifted or hosed away
  • Pets won’t track dirt inside
  • Dogs love it and cannot dig into its surface
  • No harmful pesticides required to maintain your grass

Pet Turf for Residential

Today in America, nearly 70% of the population are beloved pet owners. That’s more than 85 million families and individuals who have one or more animals as part of their family. With our furry friends, though, comes a lot of headache.


Artificial Pet Grass for your Pet’s Faux Pas

Face it. Your dog is a digger. And as much you love your adorable pet, their relentless digging will only get progressively worse. Your once beautifully manicured lawn, now destroyed. Riddled with two-feet deep sinkholes (but at least the brown spots aren’t as noticeable anymore), although your yard does resemble a life-size game of “Whack a Mole!” Look out your window. I bet he’s digging right now. These holes, as hideous as they look, also present potential trip hazards for friends and families. Even though the damage to your property has been done, it doesn’t have to continue. But what can you do? Protect your lawn from the deep digging paws of a pet with pet grass.

Pet Grass for Apartments

National Greens can design a space exclusively for your pet. No more worn out areas along your apartment fence line from your dog’s constant back and forth running, no more deep holes or ugly brown spots from pet waste. When we begin the installation process, we attach the artificial grass to a perimeter board. This protects against the turf being pulled up at the edges. Installing pet grass detours your dog from digging after critters that live in underground burrows (moles, chipmunks, groundhogs, ground squirrels, even grub worms). Out of sight, out of mind.

Dog Turf for Community Doggy Play Parks


Deciding where to install your community’s Dog Park and Pet-Relief Areas? There are usually property lots within residential areas that just haven’t sold for one reason or another. Maybe there are drainage issues, or the grass doesn’t grow very well, or it’s just not an ideal plot of land to build a new home. Letting the professional design team at National Greens transform this unsightly area so that it may become a beautiful, functional asset to your neighborhood. Providing your pet-owning residents with Pet-Friendly spaces can definitely be a deciding factor for many potential renters and homebuyers that have pets or plan to.

The Designing of Pet-Friendly Dog Turf Features

Now that you’ve chosen the ideal location, let’s consider the surface of these pet-friendly spaces. They should be low-maintenance and easy to clean. These surfaces also need to be extremely durable, for all varieties of pets; especially being able to withstand those energetic pups known as ‘daily marathon runners’ who run around in circles as fast as they can. Therefore, constructing these high-traffic areas with a special type of Artificial grass is the more advantageous choice when compared to using an all-Natural grass sod


Whereas, if using Natural grass, the sod lends to more pet waste buildup, contributing to muddier, messier areas, and additionally, requires mowing, watering, and general upkeep to maintain a comfortable, useful pet environment. Synthetic pet turf is specifically manufactured with weep holes on the underside of the turf, which allows for easier drainage of pet waste and pet urine. The turf is laid over top of a drainage mat which is installed upon a base composed of crushed gravel or decomposed granite and fastened to a thick, sturdy perimeter board.

Pet Resorts, Boarding Facilities, etc


National Greens caters to those who house a wide variety of animals. We can easily design large scale pet runs for your business, complete with dividers to separate animals of different sizes. More apartment complexes and neighborhoods are building Doggy Play Parks and Pet-Relief Areas. As animals lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of having these pet spaces is to provide pets with a safe place to play and to do their business. Therefore, our team can design layout for your designated Pet-Relief Areas. These synthetic pet grass areas will be clearly marked (for several reasons), with signs leading the way to these areas. Residential home owners, apartment complex designers, and veterinary clinics are all looking into the vast number of benefits artificial grass offers to not only the property, but the animals that cohabitate with their residents, employees, and customers.

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