Modern playgrounds require modern equipment, surroundings and accommodations. Our playgrounds are built to very high standards and safety is priority one in every design. Even long, luscious real grass conceals a hard layer of earth and stone beneath. To fall on this kind of ground is rather painful; in the worst case, it can cause serious injury.

Playground synthetic grass offers a graded surface with a thick foam cushion that is hidden beneath its surface. Then its long fibers a filled with small shock absorbing rubber pellets that provide a soft pillow like cushion when falling. Our playground turf can be installed with new or pre-existing equipment.

National Greens can also supply the equipment needed for any playground. Artificial grass provides a far superior protective ground surface for outdoor play areas, particularly areas with climbing frames and raised play equipment.

Tougher than real grass, safer than real grass. No room for playground equipment? Let us design a custom play area for your family. Kids can play in a safe environment free from allergens, pesticides, mud and stains. These play areas are built to the same standards as our full size playground safety specifications and can have equipment added at any time.