National Greens Field Division (Artificial Grass for Sports)

The National Greens Field Division (NGF) is our team of project managers and designers with decades of experience creating playing fields for single-usage and multi-sport facilities. Our work is on display at high school stadiums, NCAA facilities, and large professional sporting venues all across the United States. Whether it’s for cricket, baseball, football, lacrosse, soccer or any other turf sport, our team works closely with clients to ensure high-quality work that is always delivered on-time and within budget.

Artificial Grass for Football Fields

Football artificial turf

The National Football League had artificial turf surfaces in at least 13 of its stadiums in 2018. The league prefers artificial turf due to lower maintenance costs, no pesticides, and water savings. All the aforementioned satisfies their environmentally-conscious stakeholders. Players often refer to stadiums with artificial turf as “fast tracks” because the surface is more even and durable. The NGF Division of National Greens explains to our clients the different types of artificial surfaces, indoor/outdoor applications, and installation processes so they can make informed decisions. National Greens of Houston handles the entire installation process, including sub-base (area underneath the turf) and drainage.

Artificial Grass for Soccer Fields

Soccer artificial turf

Soccer has become one of the most popular youth sports in the USA since the turn of the century. The flat, even terrain of artificial turf makes for fast, fluid pacing of the game without the gradations that disrupt ball movement on natural grass surfaces. Our team installs both indoor and outdoor soccer fields that meet FIFA, European, or American soccer specifications. Artificial turf soccer fields mean more games can be played without interruption due to inclement weather (e.g. mud and standing water) that makes for dangerous playing conditions.

Artificial Grass for Baseball & Softball Fields

Baseball Artificial Turf

Baseball and softball are unique sports because the playing surfaces are a combination of dirt and turf. Baseball is also unique because grounds crews, during professional baseball games, roll out tarps to cover the infield during rainstorms to preserve field integrity and continue games once the rain subsides. Drainage systems with artificial turf make it the ideal solution for your baseball and softball playing surfaces. Our designers can even make your field look like famous ballparks around the country and provide your organization a more professional feel.

Artificial Grass for Multi-Use Sports Fields

Multi sports artificial turf

Synthetic turf multi-use fields can host a football game one night, a soccer match the next, and a baseball game a few days later. Our team designs and builds multi-use fields specific to client needs. We’ve built surfaces for tennis and soccer, and others for football and baseball. We have partners that specialize in bleachers, scoreboards, and other aspects of the design process. That means we handle the entire job from start to finish. National Greens prides itself on world-class customer service and our ability to turn your ideas into reality.

Artificial Grass for Indoor Athletics

Artificial turf is known widely for its usage as a surface material for outdoor sports. National Greens works with clients that now have artificial turf surfaces in their exercise/fitness facilities, indoor tracks, professional training facilities, volleyball courts, batting cages, and much more. Indoor artificial turf means less maintenance due to its durability and resistance to high foot traffic and heavy usage. Our designers utilize all the latest CAD and additive manufacturing techniques to ensure quality installs within your budget and time frame.

Artificial Grass for Indoor Fitness

Indoor Artificial Grass Gym

Shock absorption as it relates to dropping weights to the ground is key not only to preserving floors, but also noise reduction. Competitive runners also prefer surfaces that reduce stress on their knees and feet. Our state-of-the-art fitness surfaces combine rubber and synthetic turf to provide revolutionary surfaces that maximizes workout potential. We have designed custom surfaces for yoga, Zumba, dance fitness, CrossFit training, and much more. Our team designs fitness surfaces of various thickness based on your specifications and goals. Let us transform your indoor fitness facilities into 21st century meccas of motivation.

Budgeting & Permitting

NGF assigns a dedicated project manager to each of our clients. This ensures you have one point of contact from start-to-finish, without the bureaucracy and delays. Jeremy Still, our company CEO, is also our Senior Project Manager who brings nearly 20 years experience designing and building artificial turf surfaces for everything from putting greens to football fields. Our results-oriented project managers take all the guesswork out of every project and handle every aspect, including zoning, permits and licensing when necessary. NGF completes every project on-time, within budget, and in excess of our clients’ expectations.