National Greens Synthetic Grass is looking for motivated sellers. Synthetic grass is one of the fastest growing markets in business today. Everyday home and businesses are switching to the cost savings and beauty of artificial grass. We are currently offering commission based sales positions to individuals who can help us to expand our business and client base. Are you self motivated, hard working, and ready to determine your own income based on your hard work? We have the job for you.

We need sales individuals that can canvas their local residential and business areas to promote synthetic grass from National Greens. We specialize in artificial grass for homes, schools, businesses, as well as professional athletic organizations. Synthetic Grass can benefit almost any location, whether it’s additional safety in playgrounds, or effective drainage for construction. The product literally sells itself once customers see the annual cost savings in water and maintenance alone.

Your responsibility will be to contact home owners and business locations to pitch the idea of synthetic grass at their location. Once the customer is interested all you have to do is arrange contact between our company and the client. We will contact the client directly and offer additional information and a quote for the area they desire to fill with synthetic grass. When the project is approved and contracted, you are paid a percentage of that sell.

The commission percentage varies by the amount of turf the client purchases. The more turf you sell per job, the more money you can make. The commission percentage starts at 5% of the sale and goes up from there. This means if you sell a small $1,000 construction job you receive a commission of $50. If the client purchases a $20,000 putting green you would make 7.5% or $1,500. All the way up to 10%. Not a bad days’ work! Imagine selling a soccer field or a large playground now? $10,000 for one meeting if the job sells! A small amount of part-time work making calls from your home or office or making contacts in neighborhoods or schools can pay large dividends.

All you have to do is get the client interested enough to meet with us, and we do the rest. We will sell, design, and estimate the job for the client.

Truly interested clients only please, dead end leads will not be compensated. Once the job is signed and initial project payment is received your commission is released in full.

We will provide 25 free brochures as well as additional business cards to use in your first contact meetings with possible clients. The beautiful, color, dual side brochure contains all the information needed to pitch synthetic grass to any client. If you sell a job no matter what size, we are happy to send you additional brochures for free as needed.

*We don’t want people dropping brochures on door steps, we want people shaking hands and discussing the product. The brochure should be used as an aid to show possible clients the product we sell and the venues for its use. If the client is a good interested customer leave the brochure with them. If they are not highly interested leave them a card and move on.*

Please browse our website at to learn more about the world of modern artificial grass and the National Greens Company. We are also offering National Greens franchises to those in your area who want to become a larger part of the company. No application necessary, contact us, answer a few questions, start selling, start earning.

Have a lead ready? Know of a construction currently being constructed that could or wants to use turf? Put some extra money in your pocket by suggesting our company. Contact us today to find out how to get started in commissioned sales with National Greens and get your sellers starter package today!